NERF BUNKR Battle Royale

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    • Battle anywhere, transform your surroundings into a real life NERF battlefield with these inflatable BUNKRs and covers!
    • Ideal for NERF parties, dart blaster play, laser tag, dart arrow tag and water blasters. Are you ready?
    • New integrated foam dart storage feature allows for easy blaster re-load during battle (Foam darts not included)
    • High visibility HD graphics with bright colours and realistic features
    • For indoor/outdoor use. Add water to the water base of your BUNKR for additional stability in windy conditions (Water base included in selected models only)
    • Integrated target on bottom of selected bunkers
    • Three-way valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation

    We are NERF BUNKR Battle Zone, the first toy system that lets blaster fans create and customize their own battlefield. No longer do you have to take cover from foam darts behind kitchen tables or basement couches. Transform any environment (indoor or outdoor) into a life like inflatable battle zone in a matter of minutes with the NERF BUNKR Battle Royale Pack. This Amazon exclusive set includes 2 Barrels, 2 Crates, and 1 Utility Crate. New shapes, sizes and features such as integrated dart storage elevate your battle experience, provide more coverage, and save time for blaster re-loading. Take your blaster battles to the next level with the BUNKR game card system. Includes multiple games - capture the flag, big team battle, and battle Royale. BUNKR encourages active play and reduces kids screen time. It's time to get out, get active, and battle with BUNKR!